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Use our fashion footprint tool to see carbon footprint usage and ways to help the planet through your wardrobe.

Your eco-efforts have a story to tell.

Textile industry is considered as one of the largest producers of greenhouse gas (GHG) and is indicated as the fifth largest contributor of Co2 emission. Upcycling reduces the amount of waste and discarded materials being sent to landfill and also reduces the need for production of using new or raw materials.

By reducing the need for production also reduces pollution like air pollution, water pollutants, greenhouse gas emission, and saves natural resources. Mom's Store Nepal has created a fashion footprint calculator, to calculate the fashion footprints. By providing information about fashion footprints by different apparels, it will encourage one’s decision towards sustainable fashion and bring changes through their actions.

Get the credit you deserve and be a part of the change maker.


Fashion Footprints Saved by Mom's Store Nepal

2375 Kg Co2

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Environmental savings of shopping pre-owned

Find out how much carbon, water and waste you could save by shopping pre-owned.

Enter the pre-owned pieces you have bought to calculate what you have saved:

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Buying pre-owned can save

carbon =

Flight(s) from London to Paris

water =

6 person
hot tub(s)

waste =

Average sized pineapple(s)

Pre-owned process

From the journey of collection of clothes to the final delivery, we go series of steps to bring back used clothes to the circular economy.

  1. Collection
    • Delivery received from donors
  2. Processing

    Inventory is sorted, cataloged, barcoded and made ready for processing

  3. Identification

    Inventory is processed with new labels

  4. Marketing

    Products photographed and listed on website and app*

    Note*: Right now from our online site

  5. Sales

    Regional pop up shops organised to sell stock in collaboration with local authorities

  6. Investment
    • Percentage of profit is donated to further research and development/ or social projects


Material impacts

When you choose to buy something new, consider the environmental impact of your purchase by looking for long-lasting, lower impact materials.



    1kg of this material can have the following impacts

    15kg carbon =

    Km driven in a car

    2067l water =

    Bath tub(s)


    Organic & recycled linen. Certification examples:
    global organic textile standrd global recycled

    Donating clothes

    Mom’s Store Nepal is collecting donated clothes for children of different age groups. Clothes that are in good condition and are clean can be donated. Make sure that your clothes are clean and repaired. If you are wondering what to look out for while preparing for donation here are the 4 steps that you can follow.

    • 1 Pre-sort clothes Sort your clothing pile by dividing into clothes you’ll keep, you’d donate or recycle.
    • 2 Inspect clothes Inspect the sorted clothes thoroughly and seperate the clothes that are wearable and functional
    • 3 Wash & Pack Wash clothes, dry it, fold and pack them neatly. Remember, just spraying body spray onto your clothes won’t do.
    • 4 Ship it Finally, all packed and ready to go, deliver your clothing donation to us as soon as you’re done organising them. If you stashed them in a corner for too long, you may forget about them!

    To know more about donation, you can leave a message in our facebook page or give us a call here 980-544-6915 or can write an email (at) momtah's email .

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    Meet the team

    Our team of members consists of diversely skilled individuals who are constantly innovating new ways to empower people towards sustainability and find solutions to societal problems

    Suman Kunwar, PhD

    Technical Manager / Co-founder

    US based Software Engineer / Researcher who is interested in building a crowdfunding platform under a unique concept of its type to promote sustainability.

    Sita Magar

    Program Coordinator / Co-Founder

    Vinita Khadka

    VP of Marketing

    Hishi Tuladhar

    Fashion Designer

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    Business Manager

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    Operation Manager

    Anu Upadhayay

    Program Coordinator

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    Towards sustainability

    Mom's Store Nepal has created a fashion footprint calculating tool to see how people can help the planet with their wardrobes.

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