Your eco-efforts have a story to tell.

Textile industry is considered as one of the largest producers of greenhouse gas (GHG) and is indicated as the fifth largest contributor of Co2 emission. Upcycling reduces the amount of waste and discarded materials being sent to landfill and also reduces the need for production of using new or raw materials.

By reducing the need for production also reduces pollution like air pollution, water pollutants, greenhouse gas emission, and saves natural resources. Mom's Store Nepal has created a fashion footprint calculator, to calculate the fashion footprints. By providing information about fashion footprints by different apparels, it will encourage one’s decision towards sustainable fashion and bring changes through their actions.

Get the credit you deserve and be a part of the change maker.

👣 Carbon footprints leaderboard

  1. Subi Shilakar 315kg Co2
  2. Dipti Hamal 301kg Co2
  3. Nabina Shrestha 292kg Co2
  4. Shova Rajak 245kg Co2
  5. Dimpi Maharjan 203kg Co2

Fashion Footprints Saved by Mom's Store Nepal

2375 Kg Co2

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